Ratanak Sombath Hotel

Located in Ratanakiri province, Cambodia


Property Overview

Hotel Ratanak Sombath is located in Central Banlung Town, Ratanakiri province in the northeast of Cambodia. It borders the province of Mondulkiri and Stung Treng and the countries of Laos and Vietnam. Perfect for tourists and locals.

Room Prices

  • Single bed room queen size $15 (180cm x 200cm)
  • Double bed room Twins size $15 (120cm x 200cm)
  • VIP room queen size $20 (180cm x 200cm)
  • VIP Deluxe queen size (180cm x 200cm)

Ratanak Sombath Hotel features an outdoor swimming pool and a gym. Free wi-fi is available throughout the property. You can relax in this authentic Cambodian Hotel and enjoy the luxurious amenities loved by our beloved locals and enthusiastic foreign guests. Air-conditioned rooms open up to city or swimming pool view.

Room Amenities

  • refrigerator
  • television
  • free wi-fi
  • complimentary water

Hotel Amenities

  • Regular Rooms
  • VIP Rooms
  • Swimming Pool

Number of Rooms

Ratanak Sombath Hotel has a total of 60 units


First Floor


No Pets Allowed

Ratanak Sombath Hotel Features

 Listed below you will find an in-depth overview of each feature within the Ratanak Sombath Hotel


All Standard Rooms have one queen bed and or twin beds. For added privacy and comfort, a door leading to a separate bathroom is available within all standard units. Amenities in the bedroom include basic air conditioning, cable television, a closet with hangers, desk, chair, refrigerator and daily complimentary waters.Pillows, blankets and bed linens are also provided.


Pristine clear water with three water falls at the center of it. Two small adjacent pools for the children. Lounge chairs can be found along the swimming pool. Enjoy the hot days by the pool with friends and children and get some workout done at the gym located by the pool side.


Beautiful hand carved bed and chairs made from the local woods in Ratanakiri forest. Single queen size bed with separate bathroom, desk, chairs, cable TV, full size refrigerator and complementary waters.

Top 5 things to do in Ratanakiri

The property is about 1.8 miles from Yeak Laom Lake, 11.9 miles from the 7 Steps Waterfall, 3.5 miles from Kachanh waterfall, 5.4 miles from Katieng waterfall, 1.9 miles from Phum Khmer Resort 1 and 0.3 miles from Stra supermaket and Setra Sky Bar.


Yeak Laom Lake is a volcanic crater lake and a tourist destination in Yeak Laom commune, Ban Lung District, Ratanakiri Province. The lake is about 800 meters in diameter and 48 meters deep during the dry season the water is clear and suitable for swimming.


The 7 Steps Waterfall is situated 11.9 miles south of Banlung. This Waterfall has 4 floors and the height of each floor is 4 meter. The water flows throughout the year. Beautiful natural landscapes surround this waterfall. Visitors can go to the water and take a bath if they wish to do so.
The 7 steps waterfall is considered to be one of the most popular attraction in Ratanakiri. During the raining season the road to the waterfall is only accessible by special vehicle.


Kachanh waterfall is a 12 meter high, constant flowing waterfall. It has an eye catching natural beautiful waterfall, surrounded by forest. Close to the river are rubber plantations. The waterfall is best viewed from below. Visitors descend in to the gorge via 72 wooden steps. The side is protected by huge trees giving shade in which you can enjoy a picnic lunch. Located at the upper waterfall pool, there are many vendors selling food, soft drinks, snacks and some local souvenirs.


Katieng waterfall is surrounded by tree that provides natural shades to visitors. The fall is best viewed below. Elephants are available for scenic tours of the surrounding forest. You can also find souvenir shops. The Katieng Waterfall is one of the less visited waterfall in the area. You can enjoy some wonderful time with an elephant ride from the village of of Phume Kateung. Katieng Waterfall can sometimes be viewed during landing or taking off from your airplane.


Cha ong is a 30 metres high but the amazing view is when you climb behind the canopy of falling water in the carved-out cave behing the falls.

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